We started making this piece in winter, almost a year ago. We took sound recordings from a personal archive, a pile of paper, and movements scored, then filtered them to their barest outlines. It had something to do with loss, and as much to do with keeping things. Input Place is a series of rooms in sound; hours of pages; shapes half-remembered.

Joe Snape trained as a classical percussionist, and grew up rummaging in record shops. He studies at Oxford, where he makes and writes about sound with computers.

Rosa van Hensbergen writes and stitches books of poetry. She studied English at Cambridge, and currently researches butoh dance in Japan.

ShaLeigh Comerford received a Masters degree in Visual and Performing Arts from Hollins University. She is an international dancer, teacher and choreographer.

Shuta Shimmyo is a producer and director, with an interest in butoh dance. He studied Fine Art at Chelsea and Central Saint Martins.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Sasakawa Foundation, the Daiwa Foundation, Keio University Art Center, Tokyo Wonder Site, and Mino Washi Museum.